MNM is a triple channel audio-visual system of C. Graupner's H.RP [Humatic Re-Performing ] series.
Humatic's Re-Performance concepts and technologies allow visitors' access to pre-recorded music & dance. The spectator is invited ( but not obliged) to control the flow of a pre recorded activity. To do so, he is given easy-to-learn physical interfaces. He selects the degree of his involvement and can change his role from observer to player to co-performer at any time, or can take over complete control of the system and play it as a musical instrument.
'MNM' autonomously generates always new visual and musical clusters, which can be influenced and re-composed by operating push buttons, levers and a turn table interface...targeting direct (body)contact between visitor and video-performer.
MNM employs the arm of a modified traditional Japanese mojo figure Maneki Neko. Asked why?... Christian Graupner says: ' It is POP ... it is confusing ... it is a Ready-made '.... We introduce well known stuff in a new context and leave it open to the visitor to read the old or a new meaning or just allow the juggling in between with the option to find a totally new interpretation.
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