by Christian GRAUPNER / Humatic & Partners

Perfomances 2019 :
May 15th SOU festival Tiblisi , Georgia

Current exhibition :



MNM 1.1 ( DJ version / stage version)

incl. Japanese, Chinese, German & Engl versions



all about MNM
( for museums & festival partners only)

Earlier Venues:

2015-5 Hellerau Dresden ICAS event
2014-7 ZKM Center for Art &  Media
2014- 6 Bethanien Art Center Berlin


Nov 14th-20th CYNETART festival Dresden
Nov 26th-30th Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux, Paris
Dec 7th-14th Théâtre Louis Aragon Tremblay en France, Paris

Honored by Critical Path / SEAM2013 conference Sydney & Prix Ars Electronica

MNM v1.0 is a co production between Humatic & Partners and the ICAS Partners Nemo-Festival & CYNETART, co financed by EU cultural program in context with European Cities of Advanced Sound (E.C.A.S.) and ARCADI (Établissement public de coopération culturelle, Île de France)

From left to right Mieko Suzuki, honhim / Chris Cheung, Ulf Langheinrich. BTW: We are aware that in some moments MNM quotes the famous 90ths piece 'Modell5' by Granular Synthesis (Hentschläger & Langheinrich)... and we like it..

Ready for booking : The MNM stage version. (preview photo)
feat. Mieko SUZUKI & Ming POON. programmed by Joao PAIS with the support of Musical Interaction Team at IRCAM Centre Pompidou / Norbert SCHNELL and many others. Directed by Christian GRAUPNER/ Humatic

above: Premiere CYNETART festival Dresden Hellerau........................below : Suzuki plays Poon plays Suzuki........Photos by C. Graupner

Our collaborator in costumes is Itamar Zechoval from the berlin fashion label Dandy of the Grotesque

bvvvvMNMNM is a triple channel audio-visual system of C. Graupner's H.RP [Humatic Re-Performing ] series. HR_P concepts and technologies allow visitors' access to pre-recorded music & dance. The spectator is invited ( but not obliged) to control the flow of a pre recorded activity. To do so, he is given easy-to-learn physical interfaces. He selects the degree of his involvement and can change his role from observer to player to co-performer at any time, or can take over complete control of the system and play it as a musical instrument. 'MNM' autonomously generates always new visual and musical clusters, which can be influenced and re-composed by operating push buttons, levers and a turn table interface...targeting direct (body)contact between visitor and video-performer. MNM employs the arm of a modified traditional Japanese mojo figure Maneki Neko. Asked why?... Christian Graupner says: ' It is POP ... it is confusing ... it is a Ready-made '.... We introduce well known stuff in a new context and leave it open to the visitor to read the old or a new meaning or just allow the juggling in between with the option to find a totally new interpretation.
Artists & Participants
Christian Graupner (GER) Humatic, concept & video, co-composer, producer

Mieko Suzuki (JP) co- composer & performer
Ming Poon (SG /NL) performer, dancer

João Pais (PT ) programmer / developer Endphase laptop trio
Sven Garais (GER) telematique software artist.
Nils Peters (GER) Humatic, software artist.

Phuong Nguyen (GER) co choreographer

Norbert Schnell (F) & Musical Interaction Team at Ircam, Centre Pompidou

Peter Knabl Form & Mechanics
Jeff Mann (CAN) Electronics & Control Systems
Christian Günther Electronics

Alan Gleeson(IRE) sound collaborator
Itamar Zechoval / Dandy of the Grotesque styling / costume for Mr. Poon
Ink Agop
camera operator & team assistent on Ming sessions
Masami Hanyuda
(JP) styling for Ms Suzuki

thanks to

Fa Tierling , cat arm surface
Fa Nanotec friendly support in stepper motor control
Fa CNC profi
consulting in motors & drivers

Eric Lopez (CAN) 3D modeller, partner in physical interface development
Dr Cumhur Erkut (FI) partner in system development
Ives Schachtschabel
(GER Mr Pais' temp.assistant)
Martin (GER) consultant a in music related questions and beyond.

the cat's record is from MASAYUKI KURIHARA , label desing by REE.K

Jo Frgmt Gyrs, Joanna Szlauderbach, Myriam Doumi , Danja Schilling,
Thomas Dumke, Arcadi Team, Jennifer Florin, Steffen Baermann, Steffen Müller / Eject Systems
Matthias Graupner & Ginger Portele, Kat Raket for help and great practical & personal support.

The installation is making use of the FTM & Mubu libraries for Max/MSP
Special thanks to the Musical Interaction Team at IRCAM / Centre Pompidou especially
to Norbert Schnell who developed parts of the technology during the earlier MindBox collaboration

MNM v1.0 is a co production between Humatic & Partners and the ICAS Partners Nemo-Festival & CYNETART, co financed by EU cultural program in context with European Cities of Advanced Sound (E.C.A.S.) and ARCADI (Établissement public de coopération culturelle, Île de France)

Supporters (so far)
Side kicks

C.Graupner develops project related graphics, notations and side projects along with MNM and H.RP.

In Catronome' 99 manekii neko arms play a special kind of concert.

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